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For Boys

You are probably wondering what is so special about Troop 130? Having first hand experience of a few Boy Scout Troops in our area, here are some of the reasons why I consider Trop 130 the best for middle schoolers, 

  • Troop 130 is truly scout led, and the leaders of Troop 130 make sure that every scout is included in meetings and outings.
  •  The troop leaders make sure every scout gets a say in planning future outings and meetings. The troop is very committed to making sure every scout gets the best out of their experience. 
  • The troop also does a very nice job of balancing out the seriousness and the amount of fun the troop has. 
  • The troop is very organized. Every meeting and outing is planned a month or two in advance.  

As a result, each scout is truly committed and works very hard to climb up to the highest ranks in scouting. 

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